Friends since the early 2000’s, Giannis, Christina and I co-founded Paramana in 2008, an independent design studio, as an experiment to satisfy our passion for Web Design and Development.

Throughout the years, we’ve helped individuals and companies to create delightful digital products, but also developed an in-house application,, a web service where customers can find food delivery shops online.


Designer & Co-founder


10 years +



It's been several years now that we've all moved forward with our careers, but we've kept Paramana as the umbrella organization for side projects we undertook as individuals.


Content strategy, Visual Design, Development, Responsive, Wordpress

Gynaecare is an Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic in Greece. I’ve teamed up with the owners to understand their goals and set the key objectives for their content strategy. I directed them to the very talented Antonis Theodorakis to create their identity, and I did the design and implementation of the website. The outcome was a minimalistic, responsive site with a strong focus on typography and imagery, built on Wordpress.

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Content strategy, Visual Design, Development, HTML, CSS

MOA 192B is a short sci-fi film directed by Stathis Tsemberlidis. Except from promoting the film to the sci-fi community, the website was necessary to accommodate the film in its participation in different film festivals and to showcase its screenings. I worked closely with Stathis to create a retro computer game atmosphere, mediating the late 80’s aesthetics of the film.


Content strategy, Visual Design, Development, Responsive, Django

LUCUS is a game design company that specializes in location-based games and educational apps, based in Copenhagen. The company needed a re-design of their website with a new content strategy and a focus on mobile devices. I have been responsible for the website’s new content strategy, visual style, responsive design and implementation.

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Content strategy, Web Design, Development, Wordpress

MARE is an eco-innovative project, which aims to develop an ecological process for material recovery from waste oils and petroleum residues. I teamed up with Christina from Paramana to create the identity, content strategy and implementation of the website. I have been mainly responsible for the website’s implementation and integration to WordPress.

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Web Design, Development, Responsive, Wordpress

Figuras is an online gallery for illustrations and biographies of Mozambique’s National Heroes. Presented in a simple and straightforward way, it is the showcase of illustration work from Luis Baldini and a project by Paulo Custódio and Tiago Borges Coelho. I have been responsible for the website’s responsive design and integration to WordPress.


Content Strategy, Visual Design, Development, Wordpress

NLHspace is an independent art exhibition space that can never be entered, yet is always open for viewing. The space needed a redesign of their website, which needed to be minimalistic in a dark background. I have been responsible for the website’s visual design, front-end development and integration to WordPress.

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User Research, User flows, User Experience, Development

Delivericious is a search engine for restaurants that provide a delivery service in Athens, Greece. The project has been conceived and implemented with the other partners of Paramana. My involvement on the project has been mainly on the product's UX and implementation.

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